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Savory caramelized onions, mushrooms, and Swiss Cheese make the perfect topping for turkey burgers.

Prep Time: 20 Min

ground turkey caramelized onions mushrooms Swiss cheese Worcestershire sauce panko breadcrumps parsley spices

KEY Ingredients

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Cook Time: 30 min

Chop onions into slices and then caramelize them in butter and oil in a saucepan.  Cook until the onions until deep golden-brown.

STep 1

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In a cast-iron skillet saute sliced mushrooms until they have released their water.

STep 2

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Combine turkey, spices, Worcestershire sauce, breadcrumbs, and parsley then divide into equal portions and refrigerate.

STep 3

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Cook turkey burgers until internal temperature reaches 165 and top with Swiss cheese.

STep 4

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Serve burgers on a toasted bun topped with sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions.

STep 5

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