Chili Bar Toppings, Tips & Ideas

We have everything you need to make your own Chili Bar for your next party or gathering. We have instructions on how to set up your self-serve topping bar, a list of 20+ must-have toppings, and some topping combos that you have to try.

The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own Chili Bar

Setting Up a Nacho Bar

Use disposable bowls and utensils

Assemble the topping bar

Have a variety of toppings

Prepare the toppings in advance

Don’t forget the drinks

Topping Options

Other - cornbread, corn chips, saltines, tortilla chips

Cheese and other Dairy - shredded cheese, queso, sour cream

Veggies - tomatoes, red onions, grilled peppers, jalapenos, avocado

Additional Sides

Hot Dogs

Mac and Cheese

Rice and Pasta

Baked Potatoes

French Fries and Tots

Happy Eats!