Game Day Eats

Game-Day Chili Cheese Nachos: Touchdown Flavor in Every Bite

Prep Time: 10 Min

- tortilla chips – leftover chili – queso – your favorite nacho toppings


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Cook Time: 15 min

These nachos are the perfect solution to leftover chili. Both our traditional no-bean Texas chili and Game Day chili with beans are perfect options.

STep 1

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We definitely prefer queso for our chili cheese nachos but you can also use freshly grated cheese.

STep 2

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The key to nachos is selecting tortilla chips that are thick and sturdy so they hold up under all the toppings and won’t break when you pick them up. We prefer freshly fried tortilla chips that we make at home from corn tortillas.

STep 3

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Layer chips, chili, and queso on a cookie sheet then back until the cheese is bubbly.  Top with your favorite toppings

STep 4

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