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How to Freeze Caramelized Onions

To make caramelized onions you really only need one thing and that’s patience. Well, technically you also need some onions, oil, and stock/water but those ingredients are ineffective without patience. Any recipe that calls for adding sugar or baking soda to speed up the process won’t produce that silky, sweet flavor.  So while you are patiently caramelizing you might as well make a lot, and freeze the leftovers.

You can freeze caramelized onions in freezer safe bags, ice trays, or muffing tins.

6 Fast Rules For Freezing Caramelized Onions

01 Use a freezer-safe container

02 Only freeze once cooled

03 Use ice cube trays or muffin tins for portioning 

04 White and yellow onions make the best caramelized onions

05 Allow to thaw before adding to your favorite recipe

06 Keeps for 3 months in freezer

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